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Jake Voskamp

Young gun

PDGA #141539

Peterborough, ON

I’m 18 years old and I have been playing sports since I could walk. Growing up I played a lot of sports. In high school I found ultimate Frisbee and instantly fell in love with it. I ended up playing a fairly high level, going to Nationals 2 times. I found disc golf in the fall of 2019 but didn’t start really playing a lot until March 2020. The transition from ultimate to disc golf was fun and knowing how to throw a disc helped a lot and I caught on fairly quickly. Ever since I have loved the sport and I love improving.

In the last 2 years I’ve met some amazing people and have experienced so many awesome things all because of disc golf. My goal this year is to keep improving and keep having fun. I want to get at least 1 MPO win and the end goal is to become 1000 rated. I’m excited to partner with the Don B family.

Jake Voskamp
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